Welcome Text

Hey There Player! Glad to have you here on the Helix! There's a few things I'd like to let you know about before you start playing on my server. I'd really appreciate if if you would read through everything, it will only take a minute. Of course if you're eager to get playing you can skip to the end, but you might miss some valuable information that will make your playing experience as great as possible.
First things first. What is this server about? Well it's a survival server. You can join, explore, mine build, all the things you'd do in regular Minecraft, but there's also lots of quality of life enhancements. Things that make the survival experience more fun, extra features and so much more. There's 200+ extra enchants, a skills plugin, custom ores and tools and so much more. You can learn more about those on the /wiki or ask another player in game or on our &d/discord.
This server is also my personal playground. I do a lot of creative building on here. Some of its just for me, a lot of it is for the benefit of the server and community. You can check out some of the builds that I do from time to time here on the server and stick around to make your own! There's lots of fun to be had here. I have no intentions of shutting down the server due to lack of activity or anything else. This is my server that I play on (i dont play single player) so I have no plans to shut it down.
What's up with the player count? I don't see anyone online? Or theres low numbers?
Hey great question. The short answer is, you have to spend a lot of money to make a server successful these days. And I dont spend money. This is my personal server. I come on here because I want a place to build with the plugins and tools that I think make the game more fun. The server for that reason will stay up indefinetly even if I'm the only one online. I do a bit of free advertising, but nothing paid, and that means that sometimes we dont have as many people playing. There are a core group of players that do play, I would say around 10, but they arent on all the time. Feel free to check the discord if you want to chat with other players and find someone to play with. Or bring your friends here!
Ok well I want to play with lots of players or this server doesn't seem like a good fit for me
Fair Enough! This may not be the place for you and I wish you luck in your journey to find the right server for you! We're all just here to have fun and you should be in a place where you can have fun and enjoy your stay.
Texture Packs!
When you joined you might have been asked to install a Resource Pack. I know I know, resource packs, ew yuck gross. Let me Explain. We have tons of custom items, menus, GUI, music discs, etc etc. You need the resource pack to see these things. Some things in game wont make sense if you dont turn it on. Dont worry, its not that big and it wont wreck your experience. You can still use your own texture pack in conjunction (or vanilla textures too!). Turn it on, I promise it's worth it! resourcepack for help
There are 3 Worlds. The Main World that uses a custom Epic Terrain Generator, the secondary world that uses 1.18 vanilla generation, and a 3rd world that is for resource gathering and resets occasionally. You can warp to these worlds from my kingdom after you finish reading all the text. The worlds never reset (except for resource) and you can bring items between all of them.
There's so much more to know about the server. You can check the wiki for helpful guides and information or ask another player in game or on the discord. Everyone is super nice and helpful. We're an anti-grief server with lots of tools to prevent that and roll it back if it happens. I Just want this to be a chill place for me and my friends to game, and if you wanna join us here too you are welcome to do so!!
Thanks for reading my heart behind the server! If you read everything I really appreciate it. I just want everyone to have a good time here. Ok now it's time to play right??? Type the command /ireaditall in the chat to get placed into the "Normal" rank that gives you all the permissions you need to get started. Once you've done that you can do /spawn to head over to my kingdom and start your adventure on the server!