Welcome to ZephCraft! A Survival Minecraft server aimed at providing a Survival Minecraft experience with plugins and builds that add an enhanced playing experience. With a great community, ZephCraft is a great place to settle down and enjoy yourself in. The Survival Server is free to play for all with updates every week.
ZephCraft strives to be a family friendly server. Our Players and Staff are very friendly and will help out anyone. We strive to make it a safe and fun environment for everyone and add more features every week.
Before Playing, Please Familiarize yourself with these rules. Failure to comply may result in a ban or other punishment.
  • This is an Anti-Grief server which means you can not destroy or ruin buildings and/or steal from other players.
  • Absolutely No Swearing is allowed on the server. There is a Chat Filter in place to stop this. Please don’t try to circumvent it.
  • Please Do Not Spam the chat or place a ton of signs with the same message.
  • Do not Impersonate a staff member or another user through the use of nicknames or manipulation. This includes claiming to be staff from a site such as Planet Minecraft.
  • Do Not Advertise your server or other website.
  • Do not continually troll. What does this mean? Don’t do it over and over again for two weeks. Especially if the user asks you to stop.
  • Do not ask Staff members to spawn items, mobs, etc for you or your friends.
  • Please respect the staff members as well as each other. This ensures a fun playing environment for everyone.
  • Absolutely No Cheating. Do not use mods or texture packs that give you an unfair advantage such as glass only texture packs, hacked Minecraft Clients, etc. However you are allowed to patch your game for graphical enhancements (better grass, multi-mobs, texture packs, etc) and for use of the mini-map mod. We encourage using the minimap mod because it gives a better experience.
  • Do not ask staff members to change the time or the weather.
  • Protect Your Creations! We can rollback if needed, so don’t sweat it. But it keeps everything running smooth if you protect your land.
  • Use Common Sense.
  • If you’re stuck somewhere, use /unstuck
  • If you need help, don’t spam the chat asking for it, use /help first.
  • If you find a problem/bug/exploit in the game or server, please post it in discord in the #issues channel
  • Please do not complain about lag in the chat. Quite Frankly its annoying to everyone, especially the Admins. Use the command /tps to check the Server TPS. If its 19 or above, the server is not lagging meaning its likely an issue with your computer or internet connection.

Respect Your fellow Players

You should never troll, harass or otherwise ruin the gameplay of another player. This extends but is not limited to trolling with usernames, bullying, chat harassment and other forms of trolling. If you do not want a player to talk to you, use the /ignore command.
  • Be patient and remain civil with others
  • Be Kind and treat everyone with respect, even if you believe they don't deserve it.
  • Keep calm and prevent situations from deteriorating and be kind.
  • Do not encourage others to engage in illegal behavior.
  • All scamming is illegal on ZephCraft and agreements are binding once concluded.

Respect the Staff of the Server

Staff members are here to help the players and keep the peace on the server. We ask all players to respect their position and not go out of their way to make a Staff member’s work difficult. Staff members pour great amounts of their free time in to the server.
  • Do not backseat moderate.
  • Do not spam the ticket system.
  • Do not harass or otherwise attack staff for being staff.
  • All staff are different, everyone is not in the same department and not everyone is the same rank or have the same training to help you with all issues. The best way to get help is to make a post on the forums, or post on discord.

Do Not Grief Others

Griefing is understood as intentionally destroying the build of another to ruin their day. Alternatively what is also griefing, is harvesting a building of another person of blocks for personal use. Always see if a player is still using a building. If not, have the decency to at least replace blocks.
  • Animals and crops cannot be griefed. If someone allows you to harvest your crops, please have the decency to replant the crops for them.
  • Making large dirt/cobble pillars to jump over player walls is griefing.
  • Do not invite players to your home/town/kingdom/etc just to steal their items and then kick them. All players should feel safe to join a faction and be cooperative and protected.
  • Joining a home/town/kingdom/etc for the sole purpose of stealing their items and swiftly leaving is not allowed.
  • Read more about our griefing policies below.

Do not Cheat or Abuse Glitches

ZephCraft does not allow any form of cheating, either through hacked clients, x-ray texture packs, abuse of plugins or otherwise bug abusing. This covers known, existing bugs or glitches or cheats, but also future ones, including but not limited to duping, afk grinding, plugin abuse etc.
  • Never accuse another player of cheating publicly. Report them.
  • Report any suspicious behavior that might allude to cheating.
  • Report any glitches/bugs and do not abuse them.

Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins

Over time, plugins may reveal features that do not function as they were intended. Players should never use a plugin or standard Minecraft mechanic in such a way to circumvent gameplay features. A good example of this is using hoppers to steal weapons dropped by MCMMO. Do not loophole around plugins or features in general.
  • Anything causing lag may be removed by Staff.
  • Do not use any of the plugins to spam.
  • Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugins or vice versa.

Marketplace Building Rules

The Marketplace is run and managed by the players. This gives players the unique opportunity to make it what they want and really form a community driven by the players. That being said, here are a few rules:
  • Please be respectful with how much land you claim. Give everyone an opportunity to have a chunk of land.
  • Do not build anything that may be rude, inappropriate, racist, or otherwise intolerable.
  • Do not place signs with wording that could be deemed harmful to other users.
  • Please limit your shops to 1 shop building per player in the immediate area.

YouTubers & Twitch Streamers

We’ve had many people ask if they can make YouTube videos and/or stream on the server, so here’s the official answer forever on the internet!
YES you can make videos and stream. We love it when our users share their works with the larger internet community.
The only thing we ask is that you leave the server address in the description or title of the video so that more users can come and play.
We also ask that you only make videos that are in a positive light. So videos of you griefing on the server wouldn’t really be allowed (not that we can control that).

Building Guidelines

In order to keep the server looking fresh and beautiful, please keep the following things in mind when building.
  • Please try to stick to a build theme in an area. Theres nothing worse then having a group of players work hard on a wonderfully built Medieval City to have some random person build an out of place modern building right next to it.
  • Keep the land beautiful. If you need to clear out land, terraform it. Try to avoid making large flat spaces.
  • Try to make sure your builds respect physics and gravity, and have structural integrity to them.
  • Redstone machines are allowed as long as they don’t cause lag. (Same goes for mob grinders)
  • Protect your land with the golden shovel to make sure no unwanted visitors come and wreck your stuff!
  • Ask permission when building near other players.
  • Don’t make 1×1 pillars.

Chat Rules

ZephCraft is a Family Friendly Server, and as such, we want to keep the chat a safe, clean, and fun place for everyone.
  • Please do not discuss Politics, Racism, Discrimination, Sexism, Religion, or any other Controversial topics in chat as this may offend some people, and often leads to arguments.
  • Please do not troll other players in chat. Be respectful of one another and have a good time. Joking around is ok, but know when enough is enough.
  • Be respectful in the chat. Listen to the direction from the Staff Team. If they tell you to stop, its probably for good reason.
  • Give Respect, Get Respect.
  • Do not impersonate or pretend to be someone your not. Staff Members & Volunteers will always have chat tags next to their names indicating who they are.
  • Do not spam or use excessive capital letters. Keep the chat easy to read. If someone isn’t responding to you, sending the same message over and over again isn’t the way to do it. Send them a /mail or /msg and let them respond to you when they get a chance.
  • Profane and Inappropriate Language is not allowed whatsoever. Anyone caught swearing or using inappropriate language, or engaging in inappropriate conversation will be muted immediately.

Discord Rules

Our Discord server is here for the community to hang out both on and off the server. All of the server rules apply here as well. But just to be safe, lets get a little specific.
  • Playing Loud Music or Sound Files in voice chat is not allowed. Only permitted DJ’s are allowed to play music in the Music Channel.
  • Voice Changers are not allowed. If you don’t want people to hear your voice, don’t participate in voice chat.
  • Names that are considered offensive or inappropriate are not allowed.
  • Recording a conversation on Discord or TeamSpeak without the other persons permission is not allowed, and in some countries/states is illegal. If you want to record a YouTube video with friends, just check with them first!
  • Trolling, Screaming or Acting Childish is not allowed.
  • Switching Channel Spam is not allowed
  • Do not annoy or bother the staff members too much.
  • The Discord channels are not to be abused. Do not spam them. Do not continually post your problem in the #help channel. We get instantly notified when something is posted in there so we assure you we have seen your problem.


Griefing (also known as “trolling”) refers to the act of a player ruining the gaming experience of another player on purpose. The most obvious form of griefing is destruction of builds, property, and theft but can also be described as: constant stalking of a player, by either following him or her for no reason, constant duel challenges, whispering useless messages, repeatedly sending them invitations after they decline, etc.

General Griefing

All these actions are against the rules and if reported action may be taken against the player(s) involved.
– Destruction of property whether claimed or not (Unclaimed builds do not give you permission to destroy property that does not belong to you!)
– Theft & Looting from players builds, chests, etc.
– Harassing, mocking, insulting players or staff.
– Scamming Players

PvP Griefing

These actions, although some may see them as dishonroable, are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by the taff.
– Corpse Camping
– Graveyard Camping
– Ganking
– Kill Stealing
These actions will be punishable:
– Luring players to PvP zones with the intent of killing and stealing their loot
– Repeated PKing
Any players caught breaking our anti-griefing rules will be banned accordingly. The bans will be dependent on the severity of their crime, at the discretion of the SR Moderators/Admins.

What happens if you have been griefed?

Please make a report on Discord so that we can take a look. We have tracking and rollback tools so we can find out who did the grief, roll it back, and punish them. No further action is required from the player other then reporting.

Wrapping Up

If you've read and agree to all these rules, then welcome to the server! Simply run the command /ireadtherules in chat to rankup to the Iron Rank and get yourself some extra permissions and features!