ZephCraft lets you purchase automated farms to plant and harvest farms automagically.
To get started with Farming, purchase a Crop Farm Creator using the command /farm get
Creating a Farm costs 1500 Spinels, so make sure you have deposited any Spinels into your account before attempting to purchase.
When you place down the Crop Farm Creator, your farm will be created with a radius of 1.
The Default Farm

Interacting with Your Farm

Left-clicking your Farm Core (End Rod) will open the Farm management screen where you can edit farm settings, upgrade your farm, or re-fuel it.
Right-clicking your Farm core (End Rod) lets you access your farm storage of all harvested crops.

Upgrading Your Farm

You can upgrade your farm through the Farm Management screen (left click the end rod). There are 3 types of Farm Upgrades available:
  • Radius Upgrade - How Big your farm is
  • Storage Capacity - How much your farm can store
  • Growth Speed - How fast your crops grow.
Each upgrade is independent and has various levels and costs associated with it.

Farm Protection

All farms created are automatically protected so you can rest-easy that your crops will be protected from griefers. This protection is independent of your normal Lands claim so you can have protected farms in addition to your regular Lands claim.
By Default, users can only create 1 farm, but can create 5 when Citizen and 10 when a Subscriber.

Farm Fuel

Farms do not require water-source blocks in order to grow crops. You fuel your crops by adding bonemeal to the recharge menu in the Farm Setting screen.