Claiming Land

When you join the server you’ll be given a golden shovel. You’ll use this to claim land on the server. Don’t worry if you lose it, you can craft a new one later. Any old golden shovel will work.

The video below shows you the process to establish a claim, but it’s pretty simple. Right click 2 corners of the land of you want to claim. You’ll get a message in chat letting you know it was successful, and you’ll be able to see a visual representation of your claim as well.

If you want to make your claim bigger, you can do so by right clicking on the corner of your claim and then choosing the new corner to resize it.

You’ll start off with 200 claim blocks when you first join. And with every hour you spend on the server, you’ll earn an additional 100 claim blocks.

You can give certain people partial or full access to your claims. You can allow people to interact with doors, open chests, ride animals, or have full access if you want to play co-operatively. You can view all these commands on our commands page.

Claim Expiration

Claims will be considered abandoned if the user has not logged in for 60 days. If a claim becomes abandoned it will reset to what the seed was before the user started building there.

If your claim expires and you decide to return to the server, your claim can not be restored. If you are planning to take a break longer then 60 days, please contact a staff member before leaving.

Players claims will never expire if they have 10,000 claimblocks or 5,000 bonus claimblocks.


  • /claim Creates a land claim entered at your current location

  • /trust Grants a player full access to your claim

  • /untrust Revoke a players access to your claim

  • /containertrust Grants a player access to your claims containers, crops, animals, bed, buttons, and levers

  • /accesstrust Grants a player entry to your claim and use of your bed

  • /permissiontrust Grants a player permission to grant his level of permission to others

  • /subdivideclaims Switches the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide your claims.

  • /restrictsubclaim Restricts a subclass, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim

  • /basicclaims Switches the shovel tool back to basic claims mode

  • /extendclaim Resizes the land claim you’re standing in by pushing or pulling its boundary in the direction you’re facing

  • /abandonclaim delete a claim

  • /abandontoplevelclaim delete a claim and all its subdivisions

  • /abandonallclaims Delete ALL of your claims. USE WITH CAUTION!

  • /trapped ejectsyou to a nearby unclaimed land

  • /trustlist lists permissions for the claim you’re standing in

  • /unlockdrops allows other players to pick up the items you dropped when you died

  • /claimslist Lists information about your claim blocks and claims

  • /claimexplosions Toggles whether explosives may be used in your claim

  • /givepet Give away your pet to another player