Chest & Inventory Sorting

This is a premium feature that requires the Duke Rank or a Server Membership.
Chest Sorting can automatically sort every chest, barrel, etc. after you have used it. Players can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /sort (or /chestsort). Players can also sort their own inventory using the command /invsort, or automatically using /invsort on|off. You can also use hotkeys (middle-click, double-click, shift-click and shift+right-click) within player inventories, chests etc. to have them sorted, if you do not wish automatic sorting. The chest contents are sorted by category and/or alphabetically and stackable things will be stacked. By default, items will be put before blocks. Automatic sorting will work with chests, enderchests, shulker boxes, barrels, minecarts with chest and player inventories. The same applies to using hotkeys. Wool, Terracotta and other dyeable blocks will also be sorted by color, tools by their material, etc. The sorting algorithm can be changed. There is absolutely no chance of item loss / duplication or metadata corruption! Guaranteed!
By default, sorting is disabled. If a player uses a chest for the first time after logging in, they will be shown a text on how to enable automatic chest sorting if they have the permission to use ChestSort. Sorting can also be disabled for certain worlds.


/sort or /chestsort
Toggle automatic chest sorting.
/sort on|off or /chestsort on|off
Enable/disable automatic chest sorting
/sort hotkeys or /chestsort hotkeys
Open the hotkeys GUI to enable/disable hotkeys per player.
/sort help or /chestsort help
Display help about the /sort command
/invsort or /isort
Sort the player's inventory.
/invsort hotbar or /isort hotbar
Sort the player's hotbar.
/invsort all or /isort all
Sort the player's inventory and hotbar.
/invsort toggle or /isort toggle
Toggle automatic inventory sorting
/invsort on|off or /isort on|off
Enable/disable automatic inventory sorting
/invsort help or /isort help
Display help about the /invsort command


You can use hotkeys to sort inventories without having to enter commands. This is useful if you only want to sort chests from time to time without having to enable the automatic sorting, or if you quickly want to sort your player inventory. Players can enable/disable each hotkey individually by running /chestsort hotkeys There are also two hotkeys to quickly fill/empty a chest/barrel/etc. from your inventory by left-clicking (filling) or right-clicking (emptying) outside of the chest's inventory.

Sorting Hotkeys

Middle click Middle click (mousewheel) on ANY inventory slot Shift click Shift + left click on any EMPTY inventory slot Double click Double click on any EMPTY inventory slot Shift + right click Shift + right click on any EMPTY inventory slot

Additional Hotkeys

Left-Click outside inventory Puts all matching stuff (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc. Double-Left-Click outside inventory Puts all items (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc. Right-Click outside inventory Puts matching items from the chest, barrel etc. into your inventory Double-Right-Click outside inventory Empties the whole chest, barrel etc. into your inventory