Frequently Asked Questions

What version does the Server Run?

As of 2021-08-01 we are running Java 1.19

I like playing in 1.14 or 1.9 or another older version. Can I still play on ZephCraft?

We have discontinued support for older clients due to the amount of custom features/resources/items that require the 1.16 API. We will continue to support versions higher then the current version we are running.

Does the Server actually support Bedrock Clients? How does that work?

Yes! The short version is that we use a special proxy to convert the actions of Bedrock users into something that a Java server can understand.
You can connect to the server with your Bedrock device by following the instructions in the Bedrock Section of the Wiki.

I'm having a problem on the server, or need to report a bug or problem.

If you are having a problem, you can request support in our Discord Server. We have generic support channels and a ticket system.

What are Spinels?

Spinels were an old currency on a previous season of the server. They are replaced simply with "coins" now.

Are you looking for staff? Can I apply?

We are currently not, nor probably ever will be looking for staff. Staff implies that you have a paid position on the server. The Minecraft Server Community has greatly exaggerated what Staff means and the importance of it.
We are fortunate that our community is full of helpful players who aren't "staff" or volunteers. Though we do have some people who volunteer in an official capacity as moderators. We aren't currently looking for more moderators at this time.

I keep getting "kicked for flying" when I'm not flying.

If you have a poor connection, or experience a lag spike, your client may send incorrect coordinates back to the server. The server interprets this as flying because you are moving into a position you normally wouldn't be able to access.
There is no punishment for this, simply log back in and continue playing. Though if you have a poor connection, you may continue to get this error.