Gems are a secondary currency on the Helix.
This Page is Outdated and Needs Updates. Consult the information below with a grain of salt as it may not be accurate or contain outdated information.
Earn gems to spend on cosmetic rewards and seasonal events & rewards. There are various ways to earn gems as outlined below.

How to Get Gems

Play Daily

Joining the server daily gets you 10 free gems. You also get a bonus every 5 days:
Day 5: 25 Gems
Day 10: 50 Gems
Day 15: 75 Gems
Day 20: 100 Gems
Day 25: 125 Gems
Day 30: 150 Gems


Playing in parkour earns you gems for every 50 points you get.


Voting for the server on top list websites gets you 5 gems per vote, up to 20 gems daily.
Vote • The Helix
The Helix
Find the vote links here

Reddit Comments

Post a positive comment on our reddit thread to earn yourself 5 gems. (Available weekly, new reddit thread links posted in discord)

Minecraft Forum Comment

Post a positive comment or review on our Minecraft Forums Thread to get 15 Gems.

Post a Comment on the Planet Minecraft Post

Post a positive review or comment on our Planet Minecraft page to get 15 gems! We'd also appreciate an upvote and a diamond while you're there.

Participate in Seasonal Events

Gems can usually be earned by participating in seasonal events such as build contests, scavenger hunts and more. The Gem payout varies depending on the event.
If you are posting a comment on a website, please make sure we know who you are. If your username on that website isn't your Minecraft username, please leave your Minecraft username in the comments!