Known Issues

There is no known ETA to resolve the things on this page, and it may grow/change over time. This page simply serves to inform you of potential issues you may face and workarounds for some issues.

Inventory GUI's

  • Enchantment Table (as a proper GUI..see workaround below)
  • Beacon
  • Cartography Table
  • Stonecutter
  • Structure Block
  • Horse Inventory
  • Loom
  • Smithing Table
You may want to ask a Java user to help you interact with these tools until there is proper functionality implemented.


In a recent update, we implemented skin support for Bedrock users. However there are some caveats with this support.
1) Skins with 3D models or other features not available in the Java version will render your entire skin as Steve/Alex. You have to use a basic skin with no 3D models or exclusive Bedrock content if you want it to appear on Java.
2) In some cases, mostly regarding point number 1 above, skins will only appear for you, and not other users.


These workarounds will allow you to use a Skin with your Bedrock account if your skin is not showing up by default.

The /skin command

Use the /skin command to manually set a skin from a URL. This may take a few seconds to appear, and/or require you to re-log in some cases.
If you link a java account to your bedrock account, then you can manually set a skin on your Java account, and then when you login to your bedrock account, that skin will appear.

Player Warps

If you're playing on a device with a touch screen or a controller, the GUI will not work as well as it will on a computer. So you may have a hard time navigating around the GUI and using all the features to their fullest. You can instead use the commands listed on the Warps & Teleportation Page to set your player warp. This means you'll get a much more basic functionality of the plugin and using it to its fullest capabilities won't be possible.

Deleting Player Warps

Currently there is no way to delete Player Warps on Bedrock. This is because on Java you have to click "confirm" in the chat in order to confirm the deletion. Bedrock does not currently support clickable chat links so you are unable to confirm your deletion.
We're working on implementing a confirm command, but for now, ping a Moderator when you are both online to have them delete the warp for you.

Teleportation Requests

Since Bedrock doesn't support Clicking Chat Items, you'll have to type /tpaccept to accept a teleportation request. You can also type /tpdeny to deny the request.

Enchantment Tables

Enchantment Tables don't have full support at this time, but you can still enchant items! Here's how.
When right clicking on an enchantment table, instead of opening up the normal Enchantment UI, you get a screen that will look similar to this:
The Bedrock Enchant Screen
Place your item you wish to enchant in the first spot, and your lapis in the 2nd slot. Then tap or click a book to confirm that enchantment from that item.
If you're playing on a device with a touch screen or controller, you may need to tap/click/press twice in order to confirm your enchantment. Windows 10 users should be able to hover over to see the enchant and then click to confirm.
Where your items should be placed.

Walkthrough Video for Windows 10 Users


Anvils broke in the latest 1.16.200 update for Bedrock users. Repairing tools appears to be working but enchanting books does not appear to be working at this time.

Kicked for Flying & Random Movement Teleportation

In some cases the server may mistakenly kick you for flying, or you may be telported back a few blocks when moving. This happens when the movement data your device is sending the server doesn't make sense, and the server isn't sure how to handle the data.
We implemented a large movement fix recently, but some issues may still remain. In most cases, if you get kicked, you can re-log back in and continue playing.
Using vehicles like boats and minecarts are more risky to provide movement errors since they have a high speed velocity.

Custom Blocks & Items

ZephCraft uses a custom Resource Pack to trick the server into adding additional blocks and items in the game. Due to the way that Bedrock interprets Block Model Data, Bedrock users can't see the custom blocks and items. We're working on a fix for this but it might take a while.
Some blocks and items may fail to appear for you. In the screenshot below, you can see the item crates look like spawners, and the presents are invisible.
As a general rule: Decorative Furniture Items will usually be invisible, and blocks will usually be a spawner, wood block or mushroom block.
Other items like Minerals and our In Game currency, Spinels, will appear as iron ingots or other items. You'll need to check the name of the item to see what type of item it actually is. In most cases, you can use these items like normal, you just won't be able to easily see what they are without looking at the name of the item.
If you're getting a "no permission to craft this item" error, you're probably trying to use a custom item to craft a normal vanilla item. For example, you might have a stick in your inventory that is actually a custom item.

Chat Badges

We use Chat Badges to quickly show the ranks of users. These badges don't appear on Bedrock Versions and instead show up as question marks.