Getting Started

ZephCraft supports both Java and Bedrock clients allowing for a cross-platform and cross-play experience like never before in Minecraft.
Please Note, we do not provide support to Bedrock users. Due to the way our proxy works to convert Bedrock Actions to Java ones, it is impossible to guarantee anything close to feature parity and you will undoubtly have a degraded experience while playing. We recommend playing on the Java version whenever possible.
We understand that many players only have access to the Bedrock version of the game due to only being able to play on a console or mobile device, so we've initiated the cross-play feature so that Java and Bedrock friends can play together, but we can not provide support to Bedrock users experiencing Bedrock specific issues, since in most cases, there's nothing we can do to fix them.
We recommend playing alongside a Java account or a friend that has the Java version so that you can request their help when needed.

Connecting with Bedrock

Connecting to our server using a bedrock client is super easy! The Server address is the same as our Java version, you'll just need the default Bedrock Port.
Server Address: Server Port: 19132


Currently Bedrock Servers are only available the following platforms:
  • Windows 10
  • iOS
  • Android
This means that for Console Players, public servers do not work out of the box. However you may still be able to connect from your PS4, XBOX or Switch using a tool like BedrockConnect.