ZephCraft is a Modern Survival Server that is made to be family friendly. Safe for you to invite your friends and family on, or your kids! We use an epic terrain generator so the landscapes are simply stunning. If you are a builder, then this is the server for you. Our community is warm and welcoming. We opened earlier this year and are still a new community. Other server features include: mcMMO, Admin Shops, Player Run Marketplace, Seasonal Community Events, free ranks and rewards based on playtime.

Connecting to the Server

Playing on the server is completely free. Join with the server address play.zephcraft.com

Game Version Compatibility

The server currently runs version 1.16.4

Any client versions 1.9 or newer can connect, though you may experience feature loss or incompatibility on older versions.

Bedrock Compatibility

This server supports both Java and Bedrock clients, though because of the way Bedrock Versions of the game are designed, we can not guarantee feature parity, and you will have a degraded experience on the Bedrock versions. For more information on Bedrock, visit the Bedrock section of the wiki.